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Jasper is an educator, artist, organizer, and peer-based mental health counsellor whose praxis (theory + action) lives at the intersections of kinship ecologies and reimagining collective and mutual care networks within and beyond 2SLGBTQIIA+ communities. Their work intends to disrupt pathologizing and inaccessible care models and instead invite new ways of relating and of supporting ourselves, one another, and the land.


In this spirit of collective healing, they believe that building better and more nuanced relationships of understanding, accountability, and repair within ourselves, our bodies, and our connections to human and the more-than-human world are the key towards a brighter, thriving future for all.




offerings of service

introductory consultation (15 minutes)
$ free

Let’s get to know each other! A no-fee meeting to see if we might be a good fit for one another. You may ask any questions you have about my approach or the services that I offer. We can also map a preliminary approach to working together to address any specific issues, topics, or burning existential questions you might have.

checkpoint (30 minutes)
$33 CAD

A brief check-in. I will provide supportive coaching around a single issue or question, including resources, guidance, or motivational support. A single tarot spread or astrology reference may be used in this time as well, however are also limited to a single question. Checkpoints are available online via zoom or microsoft teams, or in-person locally in the Guelph area (by request; COVID screening protocols apply). 

orientation (60 minutes)
$66 CAD

A full session to assess your current situation and provide some orientation around it. Depending on your specific needs and requests we can use an array of approaches to explore specific questions, barriers, or to identify emerging themes and callings in your life. An extended tarot spread or astrology reading may be used during this time as well to explore certain issues, topics, or situations further. Orientation sessions are available online via zoom or microsoft teams, or in-person locally in the Guelph area (by request; COVID screening protocols apply). 

assessment (90 minutes)
$99 CAD

An assessment is a more in-depth analysis of your current situation or dilemma OR an in-depth analysis of your natal astrology chart. Your astrological "natal" or "birth" chart depicts the sky at the exact moment and location of your birth. Skilled astrologers can glean an incredible amount of information from these charts, from personality, persistent struggles, your soul contract in this life, and more. This overview will provide an analysis of major patterns and shapes in your chart, your most prominent aspects, and dominant signs, houses, planets, and energies in your chart, which can assist you in developing an awareness of how certain transits or astrological events might uniquely impact you. 


The assessment session is sufficient time for a general overview of your chart, major aspects, explorations of the houses, and major themes. Alternatively, individuals may provide 1-3 questions or inquiries about their chart, to be explored in the session. Questions can be as specific or vague as you're comfortable with and can focus on vocational callings, relationship patterns, trauma/core wounds and keys to healing, or more. Individuals may pose questions relating to their life or, alternatively, may also ask questions about how to interpret certain aspects of astrological natal charts.


Assessments are available online via zoom or microsoft teams, or in-person locally in the Guelph area (by request; COVID screening protocols apply).

Please note: for astrology readings, clients must know and be able to provide their birth date, time, and location to ensure an accurate reading. If you are unaware or unsure of these details yet would like an astrology-based reading, get in touch.

What Clients Say

“You have a special place in my heart; you welcomed and supported me with such warmth when I was in a tough place. We're very lucky to have you in our community.”

- Anonymous 

recent studies + certifications
studies and recommendations
  • Transformative Mediation with the Community Justice Institute (2021)

  • Imagination as Revelation: The Psychedelic Experience in the Light of Jungian Psychology: An Introduction to Psychedelics and Carl Jung with Johanna Hilla-Maria Sopanen (2021)

  • Psychedelic Integration: Psychedelics, Healing & Spiritual Practice with Isa Gucciardi, Rachel Harris, Jae Sevelius, Kenneth Tupper, and  Zach Walsh (2021)

  • Attachment Theory - An Embodied Approach (integrating polyvagal theory) with Maureen Gallagher (2021)

  • Inner Child Work and Protectors: Parts Work Internal Family Systems with Dr. Jay Earley (2021)

  • Embodied Erotics: Decolonial Approaches to Gender and Sexuality with H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams (2022)

  • Light in the Shadow: Shadow Yoga, Shamanism & Psychology (depth psychology) with Isa Gucciardi (2022)

  • Trauma Therapy: A Somatic Approach with Dr. Albert Wong (2022)
current/on-going studies


recent / current reads + recommendations


my approach

I believe we all want ourselves and one another to be well, but that fear will often keep us from acting from that place. Where capitalism and isolationism keeps us from one another and feeling in competition with each other, where prejudice and microaggressions continue to wear down one’s self confidence and sense of worth in the world, and even when accepted pathways to healing - like psychotherapy and western medicine in general - often leave these people feeling more traumatized, more stigmatized, and more unwell, we need a new solution.


I believe that peer-based mental health interventions are a critical key to community wellness. By giving people the skills to help themselves and one another, we all become empowered, connected, and able to not only overcome the inevitable obstacles, but to thrive in the face of them.

I believe healing to be a birthright, that communities are the most qualified and best suited to help themselves, and that disrupting the current oppressive and stigmatizing approach to mental health can help us understand that which makes us unwell, by contextualizing ourselves within the contemporary realities that thrive on us staying unwell. By addressing the severe inequities in access to healing spaces and lack of liberatory frameworks of mental health, I believe that we can more radically transform what that healing can look like and find lasting, collaborative solutions that bring wellness to all of us - as a larger, planetary collective.


Through my work with people living at the margins, who have faced elevated rates of discrimination, oppression, and barriers to affirming care, I have witnessed first hand in my own experiences and my work the ways that the current approach to mental health is failing. I work from a trauma-informed lens that de-centers the DSM and celebrates neurodiversity and creative adaptations. My approach is person-centered and seeks to expand the tools available to you to foster your own wellness, without stigmatizing or demonizing the tools you may have used thus far to keep yourself alive and surviving. 


Additionally, the ways in which the psychiatric institution operates as an extension of the carceral state is well documented, and those who are licensed psychotherapists are bound by the conditions of their licensure to involve the police under certain circumstances. I practice as a non-licensed counselor, not a psychotherapist, and as such I am able to offer services within my abolitionist values and I do not involve the police whatsoever in my practice. 


After an initial consultation, if we decide to work together, you will be asked to provide a list of 3-5 individuals in your life who can serve as emergency contacts in the case of a personal or medical emergency. These relational resources will be used in lieu of police in the case of an emergency. Additionally, you will be provided with a list of three individuals with whom I work in active accountability processes with, whom you are able to provide feedback, complaints, or concerns to if addressing them with me personally does not feel accessible to you.


I welcome any and all feedback from clients, collaborators, and co-conspirators, as these are further invitations for me to grow in my own awareness and offerings of an affirming practice.


My work is informed by researchers and thinkers such as Bonnie Burstow and the field of critical psychologies, emergent organizers and brilliant Black movement dreamers like adrienne maree brown, Audre Lorde, and Lama Rod Owens, as well as my formal training in internal family systems (IFS), motivational interviewing, Jungian depth psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), transpersonal psychology, attachment theory, polyvagal theory, and psychedelic integration. I have been studying astrology and the tarot for over 20 years and integrate much of these larger systems, patterns, and archetypal energies into my approaches. I also have extensive training and lived experience in the field of sexual health and erotic sexualities, 2SLGBTQIA+ realities, polyamory and consentual non-monogamy, and kink. 

my approach


psychedelic support

upcoming events

upcoming events


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